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The programme is commissioned and funded by The Elizabeth Casson Trust and is free to participants and their employers. It is intended for occupational therapists in any area of practice, research or education and at any stage of their career. The aims of the programme are shown below.


What do we mean by Leadership?

Leadership is essential for taking the profession forward, whether this is demonstrated at an organisational level, a service level or at an individual level. The Elizabeth Casson Trust’s Personal Leadership Programme offers development support at the individual level, recognising that growth here will in turn grow leadership at service and organisational levels.

We believe leadership within the profession is the ability to influence and to support people in building their agency. Leaders demonstrate behaviours such as empathy, compassion and courage, and build a sense of belonging and shared vision with those they lead.

The Elizabeth Casson Trust’s Personal Leadership Programme concentrates on the development of these leadership behaviours and skills, using thinking and learning as a transformational power and giving occupational therapists a voice.

Our Personal Leadership Programme

Our first programme ran in late 2020 in Scotland. Delivered by Fiona MacNeill over four months, it is based on the work of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Spaces and uses Appreciative Enquiry to explore topics.

In the video below, Fiona introduces the programme.

What participants have told us

The participants in our first cohort wrote a letter to Elizabeth Casson to capture what involvement in the programme has meant to them.

After the positive feedback from the first cohort, our second run of the programme was widened to include occupational therapists from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales from across health, social care and education. 75 occupational therapists participated.

But what of the results?

96% of participants reported the programme had a practical impact on their leadership behaviour.

97% of participants reported a positive increase in their confidence.

90% of participants reported that the programme enabled them to think about their future as a leader and what they want/need to do next.

90% of participants reported that the programme had a positive impact on their personal resilience.

93% of delegates would recommend this programme to others.


And looking forward…

The Trust will be offering the programme again in 2023 (registration link at the top of this page) with a view to continuing into future years. To support this roll-out, we are also investing in the development of a cadre of  facilitators to support delivery. If you would like to know more about this opportunity, please contact us.


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