A series of blogs and vlogs designed to help develop non-core skills important to occupational therapists


Welcome to our Masterclasses. The idea for these came about last year as we heard occupational therapists say they didn’t feel sufficiently equipped for some of the tasks they face now, for example writing for publication or preparing a busines case. Other comments we’ve heard are how difficult it is to succintly explain what we do (the ‘elevator pitch’) and how nerve-wrecking it can be to present virtually. Reflecting on these concerns, the trustees realised this is something we could support occupational therapists with – and here we are!

Click on the images below to learn more about each masterclass: the occupational therapist who is delivering it, length of the video and whether a podcast is available to make it possible for you to listen on-the-go.

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Sarah Lawson & Deb Hearle
CPD: Recognising and capturing informal learning
Prof Annie Turner
Write…of you go!
Alicia Ridout
Sarah-Jayne Butler
Presenting with IMPACT
Dr Lynne Goodacre
Hannah Keating and Emma Rodrigues
Dr Katrina Bannigan
Writing productively
Jennifer Beal
Thinking of doing a professional doctorate?
Dr Lynne Goodacre & Rob Young
So you want to do a doctorate?
Dr Lynne Goodacre et al
Attending your first conference?
Dr Rob Brooks
Applying for an Innovation Award
Sheffield-based Occupational Therapists

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