International Development Award

This award is available to individuals who currently hold a Diploma in Occupational Therapy from a WFOT approved programme. The award funds top-up to a Bachelors of Science  (BSc) in Occupational Therapy.

For 2024, this award is available to Diploma qualified occupational therapists who practice in a country where one of the following will happen in the future without a BSc in occupational therapy:

a) Occupational therapists with a diploma level education may be reclassified into a different job category (for example, occupational therapy assistant, technician, support worker)

b) Occupational therapists with a diploma level education would have restrictions in their job opportunities as an occupational therapist (for example, work only in certain sectors)

c) Occupational therapists with a diploma level education would have formal restrictions in their scope of practice as an occupational therapist (for example, restrictions in job duties and responsibilities)

d) Occupational therapists with a diploma level education could continue to work as an occupational therapist only with upgrading

Congratulations on your decision to apply for funding from the Elizabeth Casson Trust and for taking that next step in your career development. Returning to  study requires commitment and effort not only by you but also by those who support you including family, friends and your employer.

So that you can submit your best application, please read here to understand why we have developed this award. We have also created a short video that gives some simple advice, which you may find helpful. In brief, be clear and concise as you write, ‘showing off’ what you have achieved with examples.

You will see that we have limited how long your answers can be so you may find it helpful to draft your thoughts first, review them and perhaps edit the responses to make them the best they can be before beginning to submit your application.

Please note that we are unable to fund places at Jomo Kenyatta University in Kenya.

Good luck!

To apply for funding you will need…

To be a tutor / lecturer at a university or college, or
To be a practice / fieldwork educator
A transcript of your occupational therapy qualification
A letter of support from your line manager confirming they will offer approved study leave and support you in changing your practice on you return, to implement the knowledge and skills you acquired through the BSc
A reference letter evidencing your commitment to CPD (for example from your professional organisation or employer)
A CV / resumé