Fellowship FAQS
Do applicants have to be an occupational therapist?


I have an idea – can I speak with someone?

We realise that we have left the Fellowship project quite open. This has been intentional to encourage creativity and innovation by applicants, and because we know that we are not the experts on what the profession needs. However, we also realise that you might like to ‘sound out’ your idea with a trustee before starting an application, please email Pam to arrange this.

I spoke with someone but have more questions – what should I do?

We understand that as an idea takes shape, more questions can arise. We want to help you make your best application so don’t be concerned about following up with further questions. Email Pam to arrange this.

Can the Fellowship be used towards an academic award?

We ask that the Fellowship is not used to support PhD, Professional Doctoral or post-registration masters studies. We offer other funding routes for these awards (links embedded).

Can the Fellowship be used for research?

No, we are not expecting the Fellow to undertake a research project. We offer annual funding for research each February.

Can a group apply?

We are leaving the model of the Fellowship quite open. It could be awarded to an individual or be a shared post. What matters to the Trust is that the project can be delivered and we will seek assurance for this.

Is the Fellowship full-time or part-time?

We are leaving the model of the Fellowship quite open. We realise that, to be able to complete their project, an applicant may have to negotiate time release with their employer or fit it alongside other commitments. The trustees want to be flexible to accommodate this.


What area of practice or education do I need to work in?

This award is open to occupational therapists in any sector of practice: health, social care, charitable, independent, education – and others not mentioned!

What format does the application have to be?

We are happy to accept applications in the format/ style that suits you. This could be written, visual or audio, or a combination of these styles. Whichever style you choose, ensure that all the key points are addressed – see ‘information needed in your application’ on the text/ audio/ visual fellowship pages.

Are international applicants eligible?

We ask that applicants are based in the UK.

How much funding is available?

Funding will be approved based on the project proposal, resources and time required. Our aim is that all project-related costs will be covered.

In the stage 1 application, we ask for your ‘best estimate’ of the funding needed, with costs presented in broad categories, eg backfill/ day rate, equipment/ materials, training, etc.

For those invited to stage 2, we will ask for the costings to be detailed and as accurate as possible.

Value for money is an important consideration for the trustees.

What is the difference between the stage 1 application and stage 2 application?

Stage 1 applications will be reviewed by a panel of trustees plus an external assessor. Applications will be considered for their value to the profession, the potential impact that could be achieved, the capability of the applicant(s) to deliver the project and value for money.

A shortlist of candidates will be invited to stage 2. Stage 2 is an opportunity to go into more detail on how the project would be delivered and to provide more precise costings. Feedback from the stage 1 panel may include clarifications to help you develop your application further.

We hope to encourage and support you to submit your best idea and application.

Will the Fellow have to sign an agreement?

Yes. The Trust’s governance will require that a legal agreement is made with the Fellow and, where required, the employer.

When are payments for the Fellowship made?

Payments will be released against project milestones. Applicants taken to stage 2 will be asked to provide a plan of activities, resources and milestones to inform the payment schedule. Payments can be made to your employer, where there is one, or to an individual if self-employed.

Any further questions?