Furthering Occupational Therapy

The Elizabeth Casson Trust aims to support the furtherance of occupational therapy primarily, but not exclusively, in the United Kingdom.

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Occupational Therapy: 2021 and beyond RESEARCH CALL

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International Scholarships
1st Delayed due to travel restrictions
2nd 01 November 2021
Conference Award
1st 01 December 2020
2nd 01 May 2021
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1st 01 March 2021
2nd 01 August 2021
Doctoral Studies
1st 01 Feb 2021
2nd 01 July 2021
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International Scholarships
1st Delayed due to travel restrictions
2nd 31 January 2022
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1st 28 February 2021
2nd 31 July 2021
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1st 31 May 2021
2nd 31 October 2021
Doctoral Studies
1st 30 April 2021
2nd 30 September 2021
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International Scholarships
1st Delayed due to travel restrictions
2nd 14 March 2022
Conference Awards
1st 14 April 2021
2nd 14 September 2021
Master Level study
1st 14 July 2021
2nd 14 December 2021
Doctoral Studies
1st 14 June 2021
2nd 14 November 2021
About Us

We believe in Occupational Therapy

Our Charitable Purpose is to advance the profession of occupational therapy through research, education and the development of occupational therapists. We have funding available to individuals and teams to help achieve this.

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Equality and Diversity

18 February 2021 While some time may have passed since our last announcement, a working group of trustees has continued to explore opportunities for the Trust to respond to, and positively influence, equality, diversity and inclusion in the profession. The ideas of the group were discussed in a workshop at our Away Day in January, facilitated by Article Consulting. Further development has followed on from this, including: a refresh of our strategic intentions to make our values explicit and embed these in everything we do; planning to widen diversify of our Board with the recruitment of new trustees; and, developing a new workstream of activity and funding to directly address equality, diversity and inclusion. We will provide a further update with greater detail in April following our next Trust Board meeting.

28 October 2020 We’re pleased to update that the Trust has commissioned Article Consulting to support the Board as we consider the strategic implications of the challenges and opportunities for change arising from the Black Lives Matters movement and a welcomed societal, sectoral and organisational refocus on equality, diversity and inclusion. This work is now underway and we aim to release our initial plans to address this in January 2021. We envisage this work as on-ongoing as we look at impact and change in our profession. If you would like to share any thoughts, we welcome you to contact us (Pam or Dee) or Cedi Frederick who is facilitating this work.

16 October 2020 In the next days we will begin to request data from visitors to our website. The aim is to learn about the diversity of our visitors and our reach across the profession. A pop-up will appear after arriving on the site – it is your choice to participate or not and the pop-up can be easily closed if you prefer not to answer any questions. For those who do, please be assured that the data is anonymised and will be held securely in accordance with GDPR requirements.As organisations and individuals nationally are being asked to pause and reflect on their diversity and equality the Trust is also responding to this call and embracing the opportunity.

27 August 2020 The Elizabeth Casson Trust remains committed to inclusive support, with and for occupational therapists, in our shared pursuit of advancing our profession and practice.


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Case Studies

“This conference has been an excellent opportunity to keep abreast of best practice across the many services that my team are involved with. I have already been able to put some of this new knowledge to use and have plans to do more in the medium and long term. From a strategic perspective the knowledge that I have gained has been influential on my thinking for the future direction of the department and will greatly assist with our goal of knowledge transfer to our community colleagues.”

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