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Established Retiree
Gwilym Roberts
Established Retiree
Helen Tomes
Transitioning into Retirement
Sue Hilsdon
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Annie Turner
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Retirement is a period of transition that we can often (though not always) see approaching for many years. As we consider it, many thoughts and emotions may surface – excitement, anticipation, anxiety, loss of identity and, undoubtedly, more. What sense do we make of this and how do we process these emotions?

Our wonderful authors (above) have tackled the various stages of retirement, generously sharing their experiences and insights in these pocket guides. We invite you to dip into the guides ‘as and when’, to read more on whichever topic resonates most in the moment.

The Introductory Guide to our Retirement Resources, below, gives a sense of what is in each to help you with your choice. If you find these helpful, please share with others.