Diversity and inclusion guides

The pocket guides on this page have emerged from the work of the Elizabeth
Casson Trust’s Focus on Fairness Observatory. The need for each of the guides was identified by stakeholders at the Observatory events, and the guides were commissioned and co-produced by stakeholders and subject matter experts.

We encourage you to download them, read them and share them with colleagues and across your networks.

Allyship signature strip


Allyship is a term we hear being spoken of more and more, and we’re encouraged to be an ally but what does this really mean and what does it ‘look’ like to be an ally to our colleagues?

Our guess is different things to different people!

In 2021, Elizabeth Casson Trust funded a study looking at the concept of safe spaces as a vehicle of support for OTs who are minoritised. The study was carried out by Dr Anita Atwal, Professor Elizabeth McKay and Dr Vimal Sriram. A clearer understanding of allyship has emerged from the findings, including the actions of an ally. These have been captured in a short statement and designed into a signature strip, above, by Nina Cooper at Beyond Local.

We invite you to download the image and add it to your signature, if possible. Help your colleagues and networks think about what an ally is and how they can help to bring about change. 

Please contact Suzanne if you need a higher resolution image.

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