1st May 2017

Research award for occupational science programme at Oxford Brookes University

The Trust is committed to the ‘furtherance of occupational therapy’, which is our charitable Purpose. Our strategic intentions reflect this mission, in particular intention 1: Help develop and promote the evidence base of occupational therapy in order to increase the understanding of the efficacy and unique contribution of occupational therapists to those people with occupational needs within the UK.

Within this are the objectives to Support research into the cost effectiveness of occupational therapy through appropriate work with health economics experts, and support the production of evidence about the value of occupation and participation.

To this end, the Trust is pleased to announce an award to the Centre for Rehabilitation at Oxford Brookes University of £250 000 over 5 years. This follows on from a previous award of £625 000 to help establish the Centre and fund the Elizabeth Casson Trust Chair, which was awarded to Professor Helen Dawes. Learn more about the Centre and its current occupational science projects at

The focus of the present award is to support development of an occupational therapy research programme that will develop and promote the evidence base of occupational therapy, build research capacity and – arguably the most important aspect – create a sustainable programme of occupational therapy research at the Centre for Rehabilitation.

This will be achieved, in part, through Elizabeth Casson PhD awards that will fund 3 occupational therapists to undertake an occupationally focussed PhD.

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