22nd March 2024

The Employability And Career Hub for Occupational Therapists (EACHOT): Doing, Being and Becoming my best self

The Elizabeth Casson Trust Fellowship was created to celebrate the Elizabeth Casson Trust’s 75th anniversary to honour their founder and pioneer of the occupational therapy profession in the UK.  Dr Lisa Taylor was selected as the Fellow and is leading a project to create the EACHOT (captured in essence below).

The EACHOT is needed as the occupational therapy workforce is reported to have a poor work life balance and lack of opportunities for progression (Royal College of Occupational Therapists, 2023). Retention, mental health and wellbeing of staff needs to be the focus of workforce development (NHS, 2023), regardless of workplace context.

The EACHOT will contain three sections developed by Occupational Therapists for Occupational Therapists

Section 1 – Where I am now 
Section 2 – Potential career aspirations
Section 3 – Achieving my aspirations 

The EACHOT will
support agency, self-efficacy and confidence for Occupational Therapists to proactively develop their employability and career – spanning the breadth and depth of occupational therapy contexts – from qualification to retirement facilitating a life-long, life-wide approach to employability. The principles of co-creation will inform the EACHOT (Chambers et al., 2022; Dibley et al., 2012; Jansen and Pieters, 2017 – represented in Fig 2) through online discussion forums and an online survey for the occupational therapy community to engage with.


We want to involve as many Occupational Therapists as possible from across the UK occupational therapy community – in whatever context you are working and at any stage of your career. You have the opportunity to be involved in this exciting project either as a co-creator or a community participant (please see table below).

Please consider contributing to the EACHOT, so we can maximise the relevance and impact of the EACHOT content for you individually and the occupational therapy profession, by capturing information from across the occupational therapy community.

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