23rd March 2017

£10 000 UKOTRF 2017 Elizabeth Casson grant awarded

(l-r) Professor Annie Turner, Chair of the Elizabeth Casson Trust; Dr Rob Brooks, grant recipient; Julia Scott, CEO Royal College of Occupational Therapists at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Celebration of Excellence in Occupational Therapy: 2017 Awards

Dr Rob Brooks, Director of Occupational Therapy at Leeds Beckett University, has been awarded the final of three UKOTRF Elizabeth Casson Awards. The award is valued at £10,000.

UKOTRF (the United Kingdom Occupational Therapy Research Foundation) aims to build an evidence-base for occupational therapy by supporting research into the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of occupation-focused interventions.

Dr Brooks project is entitled ‘ Identifying occupational therapy interventions in children and young people’s mental health: a mixed methods systematic review‘. The project is expected to be completed by April 2018.

Other projects supported by the Elizabeth Casson Trust through UKOTRF include:

Homecare Enablement Services for people with dementia: the experiences of service users within local authorities – Dr Pat Chung, Canterbury Christ Church University (2016 grant recipient)

Return to work after stroke: a feasibility four to five year follow-up – Dr Julie Phillips, University of Nottingham (2015 grant recipient)


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