15th September 2022

2022 Research award announced

The Elizabeth Casson Trust is excited to announce our annual 2022 research award.

Prof Daphne Kos of KU Leuven in Belgium, together  with a  multidisciplinary team from across Europe and the UK, has been awarded £89,383 to carry out their study ‘State of the art evidence-based Occupational Therapy in Multiple Sclerosis: theory and practice’.

The aim of this study is to optimise the support of people with MS by establishing the state-of-the-art evidence-based occupational therapy practice in multiple sclerosis. The study will include a Cochrane systematic review to assess effects and safety of occupational therapy interventions for people with multiple sclerosis. Outcomes of interest will be engagement in meaningful activities of everyday life, quality of life, participation, resilience, self-efficacy, mood, self-management and caregiver strain. Consideration of the issues of health equity that may impact on the results of the review will be included.

Following this, a plan to support implemention of this evidence into occupational therapy practice will be developed. This will respond to the barriers and facilitators for translating evidence into practice, resulting in recommendations that are focused on improving equality and reducing inequity in research and health care for people living with multiple sclerosis.

The trustees are excited  to support a study of this calibre which has a clear  focus on developing  and dissemination evidence informed strategies to facilitate changes in practice to the benefit  of individuals with multiple sclerosis.

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