Thinking of starting an OT society?

Our Speakers

Emma and Hannah

Emma Rodrigues and Hannah Keating chat about their roles starting and growing OT societies at their respective universities. An interesting journey which has given both of them some learnings that they’ve taken forward into their first OT roles. Are you open to the challenge?

Emma Rodrigues

Emma (she/her) is a newly qualified Occupational Therapist who previously studied BsC Occupational Therapy at The University of Derby where she was the President of the Derby Occupational Therapy Society (DOTS) 2018 – 2020. She is currently studying European Master of Science in Occupational Therapy whilst working within the Dementia Rapid Response Community Team. 

Emma has a special interest in using life story work as therapy for patients and linking in with the voluntary sector for patients. She is also passionate about Occupational Therapist Communities which I why she is currently the communications lead for RCOT Trent Region’ 

Emma is happy to chat with anyone via Twitter @EmRodriguesOT. 


Hannah Keating

Hannah (she/her) is a final year MSc (pre-registration) Occupational Therapy student at Oxford Brookes and led the Brookes OT Society as President for the academic year 2020-21. She is now coming to the end of her studies, having recently completed her dissertation project researching the occupational aspects of self-help resources for women subjected to sexual violence.

Hannah’s first qualified post will be in a Community Mental Health team based in London, and she’s currently completing her final placements. She has special interests in ending violence against women, HMP OT and the role that OT should play in tackling systemic inequities.

Hannah is happy to chat with anyone via Twitter @HannahKeatingOT.