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Transformational and Visionary Leadership in Occupational Therapy Management and Administration

Visionary leadership strives to proactively optimize the outcomes of our occupational therapy programs and services. A vision represents an ideal future state and guides organizations toward a higher standard of excellence (Covey, 1991). There is a clear difference between leadership and management, but both are critical to activate a vision. Transformational leadership focuses on helping every member of the team succeed in achieving the vision. A vision must be bold but also realistic, achievable, and measurable. The vision must then be communicated through multiple stakeholder groups, using a variety of tailored approaches to each audience. Clear goals and objectives must be enacted to implement the vision, and leaders and frontline staff must remain laser focused and accountable in order to sustain the vision for the long haul. Managing resistance to change requires courage, frequent communication, and the full engagement of the team to be a part of the change process.

Phipps, S. (2015) Transformational and VisionaryLeadershipinOccupationalTherapyManagement and Administration, OT Practice, 20(15), pp1-8.

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