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Leadership through an occupational lens: celebrating our territory

This paper addresses key qualities of leadership and describes leadership through an occupational lens. It aims to encourage individuals to identify themselves as leaders wherever they are positioned within organisations or in their professional lives.Leadership vignettes are used to highlight and celebrate how occupational therapy philosophies, as well as our theoretical and practical knowledge assisted these leaders in their current and emerging leadership roles. A number of issues that are affecting us as global citizens, including natural disasters and humanitarian crises in third world contexts are highlighted. The potential for our profession to take a leadership role in these issues is proposed. Finally, there is a call to action for all occupational therapists whatever their professional roles, recommending that all members of the profession embrace leadership opportunities no matter how big or small. In so doing it is argued that leadership will be recognised and celebrated as being very much part of our profession’s territory.

Rodger, S. (2012) Leadershipthrough anoccupationallens: celebrating our territory, Australian Occupational Therapy Journal,Vol. 59 (3), pp172-9.

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