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Leadership in occupational therapy: self-perceptions of occupational therapy managers


The development of leaders in occupational therapy is a major priority of the profession’s Centennial Vision. This study examined the leadership characteristics of 53 occupational therapy clinical managers. A demographic measure and the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) collected data via a non-experimental survey. The means for the five LPI leadership categories ranged from 7.5 to 8.7 on a frequency scale of 1 equaling almost never to 10 equaling almost always. No significant associations were found between respondent demographics and LPI scores. Respondents’ reported leadership capabilities reflect their power to influence and lead the profession in a demanding and ever-changing healthcare environment.

Fleming-Castaldy, R.P. (2012) Leadershipin occupational therapy: self-perceptions ofoccupationaltherapymanagers, Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 26(2-3), pp187-202.

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