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Jen Gash

OTCoach believes in an expansive, new future for Occupational Therapy which reaches beyond traditional roles in health and social care into emerging territories such as public health, community development and consultancy in a variety of new fields. OT Coach has a desire to see occupational therapy firmly in the public domain rather than hidden behind traditional medical structures. For this to happen, creative, visionary leaders are needed and more of them. More people willing to stand up for our often little know profession, its strong philosophy and its commitment to helping people flourish in their daily lives.

Becoming a leader requires courage and creativity as it always involves stretching beyond our comfort zone. It requires us to find courage in our convictions alongside a deep willingness to collaborate and understand others. It also requires self-awareness and compassion as many challenges naturally occur. Leadership development is needed at many levels and coaching provides a natural framework for this support. At OT Coach they have been coaching occupational therapists, at all levels, since 2005. Please visit their website for further details

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