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14th June 2017
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Progress in Colour Studies 2016

Attending the Progress in Colour Studies 2016 conference has enabled me to remain informed regarding current international research and ideas. As one of the few – if not only – colour specialist within OT, I am regularly called upon by other therapists for my comment or advice. Students, clients, members of the public, and other professional disciplines also seek my opinion. Attending PICS 2016 will mean I can share evidence-based knowledge. Attending also had practical application with clients, for example, trialling a new ‘colour breathing’ technique in primary care.:                                                                                                                                             – Taking advantage of informal networking opportunities I am developing interdisciplinary connections, and able to put forwards an occupational perspective to fashion, architecture, or psychology, for example.                                                                                                                              – Additionally, following discussion with the Colour Group GB, I have been invited to develop the colour and well-being concept for further study. This permits greater discussion of occupation for health within this specialist area.

Vanessa Volpe
OT, CAHMs, Bedfordshire Secondary Schools
Case Studies
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