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3rd November 2019
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Ukraine First OT Conference

Last year was an amazing year for me and I guess it is the same for the rest of the people of Ukraine. Through the support of Elizabeth Casson Trust, I was able to partake in Ukrainian occupational therapy development where the first ever national conference for the profession was held. I was able to provide some insights through my talk about the development of occupational therapy in the Philippines. It was really a fulfilling event for me to share and inspire people to champion the profession. I am ecstatic by the fact that it was history and I became part of it through Elizabeth Casson Trust. I am also pleased to inform everybody that I have shared the works of the Trust and I hope soon, occupational therapists in Ukraine can also benefit from the Trust. Ukraine is a great country and being able to come there was one of the best things of 2019. But being able to contribute and see the development of our profession was another thing that is really spectacular. I was able to meet a lot of inspiring therapists that wants to support and extend their help in improving and placing the profession in the healthcare system in Ukraine. I was able to connect and have linkages also that is usually the great benefits of attending conferences where possible partnerships were made and hopefully will continue. It is really a blessing to be supported and be provided with Elizabeth Casson Trust with great trust to me to enable international collaborations and learn at the same time.
Rod Delos Reyes
Board Secretary, Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists
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