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3rd January 2020
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UK Functional Capacity Evaluation, Job Demands Analysis

The UKFCE was a 3.5 day course which taught how to undertake a functional capacity evaluation, in order to evaluate an individuals work related physical abilities, as well as consideration of other elements such as cognitive abilities. The Job Demands Analysis training was a one day course which taught how to identify and evaluate the components of a job, taking into account the physical, cognitive, psychological and environmental requirements of the role. The Transferable Skills Analysis course was a one day course which taught how to identify alternative roles for an individual if they are unable to return to their former role, as a result of a change in their abilities. In undertaking the training in carrying out a UKFCE,  I have gained a much greater knowledge and understanding of the value of the FCE in the assessment process within vocational rehabilitation as an Occupational therapist. In particularly I have learned how to assess an individuals physical abilities including measuring, quantifying and analysing the results. I have learned how to compile the results into a report and how the FCE is important for the next stage of the vocational rehabilitation process, which could be a Job Demands Analysis or a Transferable Skills Analysis. Since completing the UKFCE I have commenced utilising aspects of an FCE assessment within my role in undertaking occupational health assessments and I plan to gradually continue to introduce aspects of FCE assessments into my role. As I am currently working with individuals to provide vocational rehabilitation, I plan to undertake a Job Demands Analysis in order to support individuals to obtain and/or maintain their working roles. The TSA training will also be invaluable in the vocational rehabilitation with which I am currently undertaking.
Diane Bramley
Independent Occupational Therapist
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