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14th June 2017
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This MSc Forensic Mental Health is succinctly and directly connected to my role within the Directorate of Forensic Mental Health & Learning Disability Service. This course is designed for professionals working with mentally disordered offenders in prison, secure settings and the community. It is structured to enable students to access, critique and apply existing literature to practice while developing the necessary skills to conduct empirical research under supervision, further contributing to the evidence base. Having successfully completed 4 modules over 2 years, I am now approaching completion of my final dissertation in 3rd year. I am fully committed to completion of this course and my education whereby I can use learned skills in research and apply to my existing role in secure care. I am committed and motivated by my role as an occupational therapist and I view this opportunity in gaining a masters degree the next step in my career. I believe that achieving this will not only boost my future career opportunities, but enhance my own self confidence and esteem around my role, skills and attributes. I have made many personal sacrifices to reach this stage in my education and it has reaffirmed why I love my job and value the experience of the people I work with. I am encouraged by my success in passing my assignments with A and B grades which drives me to continue with my education and nurture the development of colleagues I work with and supervise.

Suzanne Muncie
Womens Service, Directorate of Forensic Mental Health & Learning Disability Service, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
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