Case Study
3rd July 2019
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SOS Course

This learning opportunity has made a significant difference to my professional development as it has enhanced my current skills (assessment of sensory/motor issues, observation, activity grading, S.I.) in the specialist area of food therapy. I previously assisted in food therapy treatment sessions, however learning how to assess/treat feeding difficulties has allowed me to independently identify sensory/ motor issues, atypical feeding developments and to develop recommendations to each individual child’s growth parameters and needs. Clients have therefore been able to access this specialist approach that assesses the specific nature of their feeding problems and sequential intervention to treat feeding/oral motor skill based issues, as well as sensory processing difficulties. This not only teaches them about the properties of food, skills to eat, have an increased range of preferred foods through a non-stressful play and sensory based graded interventions. Additionally, helping to reduce anxiety levels, improve confidence and enabled them to participate in the social occupation of eating.
Ellen Ramsay
Occupational Therapist
Case Studies
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