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15th August 2019
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RCOT Conference 2019

Attendance at the conference has made me feel acutely connected with my profession again.  I have previously attended conferences and presented posters only, however running a seminar was not as daunting as I had previously thought.  Upon reflection, this shouldn’t be a surprise in my job as a lecturer, however I have not felt able to contribute in this way previously.  I can now see that I can do this level of work at a conference, that I do have something to say and of course it is part of my professional obligation to disseminate work. I made several useful links with other researchers/ people interested on the topic during the conference, and people have also contacted me since which is flattering and an extremely positive outcome of the work and for the profession.  I can also see this can reflect positively on our organisation to have their name connected with this piece of work done for our professional body.  I have been reminded that conference presentations aren’t just for other people, they’re for all and I can encourage anyone to submit an abstract.  Since then I have had an article published in OT News with a colleague and a student, and another group of students have also submitted a piece to the same publication.  My ability to encourage others to publish definitely grew from my conference attendance and the confidence I gained.
Joanna Beveridge
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