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3rd April 2020
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MSc Educational Neuroscience

To return to the academic world of university and complete a MSc was in its self an enlightening and transforming period within my OT profession. The years of OT experience prior to this became even more valuable within this learning process by placing the vast field of social science research into a highly relevant context. The MSc Educational Neuroscience  at UCL/Birkbeck bridges the gap between research and practice by analysing why and how cognitive processes are influenced based on neurodevelopmental, genetic and environmental differences. By building knowledge and skills to complete and critique neuroimaging, educational and social studies for a wide variety of childhood disorders enabled me to better understand childhood neurodevelopmental diagnoses and why certain therapeutic approaches may work for some and not others. This is particularly important when influencing the impact all these factors may have on a person’s occupational performance, and thus contributing to service pathways and the decision making process for OT provision.
Miriam Hollely-Barik
Senior Children’s Community Occupational Therapist
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