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14th June 2017
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BAHT Level 2

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages, helping them to carry out the activities that they need or want to do in order to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. (BAOT, 2017). We empower people to be able to engage in all aspects of daily living. As OTs, we use occupation therapeutically to assist in achieving those goals which both relevant and meaningful to them…..The course aimed to improve knowledge of the functional anatomy of wrist, surface anatomy of the wrist, assessment techniques, acquired and traumatic conditions of the wrist, treatment modalities and surgical procedures. At the end of the course we sat an exam and had to submit a case study within a given time…..On reflection, the course emphasised to me how complex the wrist is and how important our hands are to us as individuals. We use them to dress, eat, touch, make gestures, communicate and engage in our daily occupations. Reduction or loss of hand function can affect individuals in a profound way. The course has reinforced how important it is during our initial assessments to document details of the patients’ occupations…..When completing the case study I endeavoured to maintain occupational focus. Research has shown that patients are more likely to engage in therapy when it is meaningful…..Having the opportunity to attend this course has not only given me increased knowledge and confidence to treat patients with wrist conditions pre and post surgery but also allowed me to reflect on how important an understanding of the occupations my patients engage in is, but how to use them to aid recovery.

Laura Hetherington
Cardiff and Vale UHB
Case Studies
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