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2nd September 2018
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European Association of Palliative Care research conference

I presented a poster on OT led research at the European Palliative care Research conference in Switzerland in May 2018. Stimulating, sharing and surprising captures the impact of the experience. Key themes were earlier integration of palliative care, challenging patient and community perceptions of palliation as living fully and not just waiting to die (so reassuring to link with RCOT ‘s ‘living and not just existing’). Sharing knowledge on outcome measures will result in implementation of quality of life measures to demonstrate value of occupational therapy interventions. Meeting 2 of the developers of a carers’ tool that OT identified within own research and has implemented across settings in N.Wales has resulted in offers of help to ensure publication of this work. Surprised at low profile of Occupational Therapy at the conference (or any AHPs) but determined to change this for the future- many thanks for privilege of attending.

Jackie Pottle
Specialist palliative care occupational therapist
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