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14th June 2017
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The Elizabeth Casson Trust provided funding that enabled me to attend the COTEC-ENOTHE 2016 conference in Galway, Ireland, to present a poster presentation and a workshop, each evolving from my PhD study. Presenting at this conference provided the opportunity to disseminate elements of my research work to a European network of occupational therapy colleagues, thus extending the reach of key findings to a wider audience.  In addition, discussion emerging from the presentations, most especially through the workshop with interested colleagues, has influenced and will further enhance the future direction of my research endeavour. More generally, the opportunity to explore and experience a diversity of perspectives related to the centrality and importance of occupation to our daily lives has refreshed and renewed my thinking connected to learning and teaching as part of the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula at Queen Margaret University.  These fresh perspectives will be infused throughout the design of learning and teaching opportunities for the coming academic year.

Dr Fiona Maclean
Senior Lecturer, Queen Margaret University
Case Studies
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