Case Study
14th June 2017
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Forensic Occupational Therapy

For the individual OT’s & Technical Instructors: The training programme has enhanced the leadership learning experience – developing individuals skills to take forward service change and improvement in a creative and patient focused way.

For the OT team: The OT project teams have been committed to developing their skills and in taking forward all they have learnt and utilizing it in practice. The overall team is more cohesive with everyone talking the same language in relation to change. Different parts of the team have worked together where as previously they may not have worked closely and this has developed working relationships across sites and partnerships.

For the patients within the service: empathy journeys are a tool that is used for design thinking process and for each of the three projects empathy journeys have been carried out with patients to ensure that there feedback is included in the project work. Updates have been given to patients and as the projects approach completion a presentation will be completed for patients and an evaluation will be completed for their input on the outcome of the service developments.

Cheryl McMorris
Occupational Therapist
Case Studies
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