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14th June 2017
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Explain Pain

I attended the Explain Pain 3 Conference. It was an excellent mixture of evidence based practice, neuro-physiology research, understanding pain versus chronic pain, and asking lots of questions. I work within a multi-disciplinary Paediatric Chronic Pain Team. The conference confirmed that the techniques I/we use are good, however we can improve. I have a firm understanding of the neuro physiology of pain, and how to influence this in order to help the children manage their pain.  I feel confident in being able to explain pain to children, and being able to answer their questions in appropriate language, using resource from the conference. I have put into practice the new treatment techniques for managing chronic pain. I was also able to network with other professionals from all over the world, share best practice and experience. I am part an on-line group discussion sharing treatment techniques and research.

Anne Marie van Es
OT, Paediatric Chronic Pain Service
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